My decision to publish The Eli Diet Theory is to encourage further research into what I like to think of as the ‘missing link’ of medicine. This link is simple, metabolic changes and nutritional deficiencies are not being picked up within our standard testing. When seriously ill I was misdiagnosed, wrongly medicated, and left to fend for myself. Having no option but to study I researched and managed to slowly put together, from medical papers, links that explained exactly what was going wrong in my body.

My illness started with chronic fatigue, insomnia, apnea, numbness in hands and feet, body temperature issues, hormones issues, and anxiety. This progressed to being unable to walk, joint pain, extreme insomnia, spiking blood pressure problems, extreme brain fog, light/noise sensitivity and periodic paralysis.

With my blood tests, scans and EMG tests normal the doctors could not find a cause of my illness, even though I ended up wheelchair bound. However, I managed to find two tests that did show up a problem. These tests I used on my children who have chronic fatigue and again this indicated a problem that doctors had not noted.

Understanding how our neurology directly affects our endocrine system enabled me to improve my sleep, mobility, hormones and much more.  By understanding that every cell in our body needs certain combinations of  chemicals, found in different foods, has helped my fatigue, mental processing and weight.

Every cell and every receptor in our body needs to have the food it requires to function at its best.  Genes, stress, hormones and other triggers are often to blame for causing illness but being deficient in certain nutrients can often be to blame.  The Eli Diet Theory raises question about how our standard blood tests may not be picking up deficiencies within some people’s bodies.

When doctors failed me it was I who got myself out of my wheelchair, stopped the periodic paralysis, controlled and balanced my hormones, lowered my b/p, improved my digestive system, improved my muscle weakness and fatigue, improved my light sensitivity, improved my kidney function, stopped my hot flushes, lowered my anxiety, stabilised my weight, regained my sleep, improved my food intolerance, improved my short term memory and eliminated the pain in my body by addressing the hormone imbalance and deficiencies in my body that did not show up on blood tests.

Blood tests do not pick up metabolic or all nutritional deficiencies that can be causing disease – FACT. See blog

Why read The Eli Diet Theory?

The Eli Diet Theory contains no recipes but helps you choose nutrition to rebalance your body.

With science made simple you can understand ionisation and body balance, essential for good health.

Included are symptoms and signs that will help you see if your body is imbalanced or nutritionally deficient which can lead to most illnesses we know of today.

Metabolic, hormone or gut issues can all cause the body to become deficient which can all be improved. If you understand nutrition, you can heal your body.

After reading if you are still struggling to help yourself or have individual questions my email contact details can be found above and I am happy for people to get in touch with individual questions. I work and talk with many people with various conditions and we share knowledge that is proving beneficial for many. Join us and start your healing journey with The Eli Diet Theory.